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TTD Pavithrotsavam Seva

Pavithrotsavam Seva Tickets Availability (Pavithrotsavam) is a devotional ritual which is celebrated every year in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams; the Pavithrotsavam is derived from 2 words Pavitra means Holy and Utsava Means Festival. So, it’s a holy festival

The ritual is penitentiary as well as propitiatory and its major purpose is to get rid of the evil which may be an effect due to exception and missions in the performance of various rituals through the year. Moreover, this Utsava also called as Dosha Nivaarana, Sarva Doshapasamana, Sarva Yajna Phalapradha, Sarva Tushtikara, Sarva Kasantida and Darvakaamapradhna.

As per the Allusion of Holy Scripts:

The Jayakhya Samhita says that – Pavitra keep away from evil and

The Puranas says thatPavitra Aaropana (adorning the deity with Pavitra – garlands of silk Treads) is an internal part of rituals during the worship of Lord Vishnu.

The Agni Purana says that – at the initial of a lunar fortnight either in the starting of the month of Aashada or the end of the Krithika must be selected for performing Pavithrotsavam

The Garuda Purana says that – this ritual must be celebrated on the 12th day of the bright or dark fortnight.

Pavithrotsavam Seva

History of Pavithrotsavam festival:

Pavithrotsavam in Tirumala started dates back to 1463A. D, the stone words seen on the northern wall of the Vagapadi Verandah in the initial Prakaara of the Tirumala temple furnish a very detailed account.

The festival was associated by Saluva Malliah deva Raja at the period of Saluva Narasimha, the inscriptions also say that the objects of expenses will be gain in connection with the celebrations of Pavitra Tirunal.

This festival is believed and celebrated till 1562 A.D, after that, it was stooped; the reason for stopping this festival was unknown till now. Then the TTD decided to restart the ritual again and should be followed in all Vishnu temples from 1962 onwards on the annual calendar.

Significance and how Pavithrotsavam Utsava is celebrated:

Srivari Pavithrotsavam is celebrated in 3 auspicious days of Sravana Masam Dwadasi, Ekadasi and Trayodasi in the Month of August every Year

On all these 3 days, they perform

Homam – it is a prayer offered to pure fire which is done in Yogasala, located inside the temple and they perform Thirumanjanam to the main deity as well as all other parade deities of Lord Venkateswara with Sandal paste, curd, milk, Turmeric and honey and by pure water from Akasa Ganga.

Day 1:

Anukurarpanam is done with 9 types of cereals which are spread in a clay container

Day 2:

They perform special pooja for Pavithraalu (silk woven holy threads)

Significance of Pavithraalu (Holy silk threads)

These threads consist of 5 unique colors like Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, and Red. All this Pavithraalu are tied around neck, head waste of the main deity and to the other deities the temple and each thread as its own significances.

These silk threads are woven from the special quality cotton grown especially for this ritual in Narayanagiri Gardens where holy Tulasi plants are grown.


Visesha Samarpana is the more specialty of this Ritual days along with Homam and Thirumanjanam. This is the end of the ritual after performing Poornahuthi, which takes place inside the temple

After completion of this 3 days ritual, the processional deities of Sri Malayappa Swami and his spouse are taken out for pallaki seva around the temple

Pavithrotsavam Seva

How To Book Pavithrotsavam Seva: TTD Online Booking Registration Process

There is no advance booking for this seva, Recommendations from higher officials can be submitted at JE office and selected people will be permitted for this seva. Even the same process will be accepted by e- counters too.

Ticket Cost and Timings of this Pavithrotsavam Seva in TTD:

This seva ticket cost is Rs. 2500/- per Individual

PRASADAM:  5 Laddus, 2 Vadas, 1 Pattu Pavithram for gens and 1 – Uttariyam or 1 Blouse Piece for ladies.


The ritual starts at 8 A.M in the morning

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