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TTD Unjal Seva Or Dolotsavam

Unjal Seva Tickets Availability (TTd Unjal Seva) Dolotsavam is also called as the Unjal Seva. This is one of the daily seva for the Mula Virat. Dolotsavam Seva is performed in the Addhala Meda or Mirror Hall. In this Unjal Seva ritual, the holy idol for the Govinda and his wifes Sridevi and Bhu Devi are seated on the Unjal in Aina Mahal.

This mirror hall is present opposite to the Ranganayaka Mandapam. First, the entire area lit with the lamps. The priests can chant Vedas to accompaniment of the Musical instrument and Mangala Vadhyam

In the mirror, hall contains mirrors on the four walls and at the center the Unjal is swing. In this Seva Swami with his wifes in Unjal around the mirrors. Devotees can see Mula Virat in all the mirrors, it is the feast for the devotees eyes. Mostly after performing the Kalyanotsavam seva, Unjal seva will hold and sometimes it is not fixed.

At last of this seva devotes are sent to the darshan of the main idol of Lord Venkateswara Swami in Sanctum Sanctorum. The Unjal Seva ticket holders are managed along with the other paid services queue line at the time of allowing Darshan.

TTd Unjal Seva

Timings for Unjal Seva:

  • Reporting time: 11:30 AM at Supadam entrance
  • This Unjal Seva is performed every day starts at 01:30 PM and ends at 02:30 PM


  • Each ticket holder gets 2 Laddus

Ticket cost for Unjal Seva:

  • The ticket cost for this seva is Rs 200
  • For one ticket one person can allow for this Seva

How To Book Unjal Seva: TTD Online Booking Registration Process

Dolotsavam or Unjal Seva tickets are books online. Once can book only 2 tickets using one Login ID. The children having below 12 years are allowed for this Dolotsavam Seva without the ticket.

Book Unjal seva tickets here: Book TTD seva tickets online

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