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Suprabhatam Seva Tickets Availability (Suprabhatam Seva) Tickets Booking Online The Suprabhatam Seva is the first Seva to perform every day for Lord Venkateswara in TTD. In the Sanskrit language ‘Suprabhatam’ means ‘Good Morning’.

Lord Venkateswara Swamy gave the blessings for Yadav Vamsikulu (Saniddigolla) to open his temple doors and enters into the temple through Maha Dwaram. So every day early in the morning, temple Priests, Saniddigolla and Jeeyam Galrulu come to open the temple doors and they will ring the bell which is near to the Nagara Mandapam. The main temple keys are kept to the Kshetra palaka near Dwajasthamba.

The Suprabhatam is performed at Sayana Mandapam inside the sanctum sanctorum to wake up the Lord Venkateswara from Yoga Nidra by singing sacred Sanskrit Hymns.

Lord Venkateswara  Suprabhatam Seva Tickets Booking Online

In Suprabhatam Hymns consists of 70 Slokas which are sub-divided into four parts i.e., Suprabhatam, Stotram, Prapati, Magalasanam

Suprabhatam – Morning Prayer waking up ‘The Lord from his Yoga Nidra’ – 29 Slokas

Stotram Prayer praising and entreating ‘The Lord for protection’ – 11 Slokas

Prapatti – Prayer surrendering oneself to ‘The Lord’s Lotus Feet’ – 16 Slokas

Magalasanam- Prayer praising him for his glory, auspiciousness and craving for his benediction – 14 Slokas

At Bangaru Vakili Acharyapurushas sing

‘Kausalya Supraja Rama Purva Sandhya Pravarthathe

Uttishta Narasardula Karthavyamdhaivamanhikam’

the Slogan for every day in the early morning in front of the main idol of Lord Venkateswara

In the season of Dhanurmasam, Suprabhatam Seva will not perform because of Lord Venkateswara doesn’t sleep. On that season Suprabhatam Seva is replaced by the ‘Tiruppavai’.

For this Seva, devotees can enter darshan line in the first and stand at Bangaruvakili and can see all the performing of devotional rituals. The Lord Venkateswara will cover with the curtain so you will not have a darshan till curtain was removed. That’s why you will wait and standing at the left side of the Bangaruvakili is the best darshan of Lord Venkateswara.

In Suprabhatam first darshan will provide Archakas and VIPS standing right side of the Bangaruvakili after common devotees are allowed also form a single line to avoid pulling and pushing.

In this Seva, the Vedic Pandits will gather within the complex of the main temple then the devotees will assemble in between Bangaruvakili and First Door.

After first door is opened then the curtain is pulled. Complete the Suprabhatam Seva, the curtain is removed then devotees are allowed for darshan of the Lord Venkateswara.

Suprabhatam Seva Tickets Booking

Timings for Suprabhata Seva

  • For Reporting Time – 02:00 AM
  • Suprabhatam Seva will start at 03:00 AM– 03:30 AM.
  • Devotees should gather one hour before the Seva time at Vaikuntam Queue Complex-1.

Ticket Cost for Suprabhatam Seva

  • The cost of Suprabhatam Seva Ticket is Rs. 120/-
  • It is one ticket per person
  • To carry ticket along with photo, ID proof

Prasadam for Suprabhatam Seva

  • 2 small Laddus

How To Book Suprabhatam Seva: TTD Online Booking Registration Process

  • You can book for only one Seva Ticket will allow within 6 months
  • Advance booking of Suprabhatam can be booked from the online, 60 days from the Quota availability

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