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Kalyanotsavam Seva Tickets Availability (Kalyanotsavam Seva) Ticket Booking is the one of the special daily Sevas in Tirumala Tirupati. Srivari Kalyanotsavam is performing to Utsava idols. Archaka is concentrated to perform the rituals and half of bridegroom and priets conducts the marriage rituals. The both idols of Lord and his bride face each other and in between them, there is the screen. Persists perform the Homam the brides and bridegroom are allowed to see each other. After that Mangala Sutra dharana and Tahlambralu followed.

Based on the Sastra there are the 7 stages to do Kalyanotsavam Seva Ticket Booking:

  • Agni Pratista: In this pious Agni is lit at prayaschitta homam is performed
  • Vastra Samarpana: The new silk vastrams are offered. Means the Goddesses and Lord will separate on the two different asans also tie the pious wedding knot
  • Maha Sankalpam: This is performed by the family members that dedicated their lives in service of Lord from 600 years past and performed Kanyadanam on half of the goddesses
  • Kanyadanam: This place the main place in Hindus marriage.
  • Lord – Bharadwaja Gotram
  • Goddess Sri Devi – Bhargava Gotram
  • Goddess Bhu devi – Kasyapa Gotram
  • Mangalya Dharana Mahotsavam: Here Lord tied the holy Mangala sutrams to his beloved once.
  • Varana Mayiram: This is the love game and the most entertaining phase in marriage. The Lord and his wife played the balls game facing each other. After that beautiful garlands can exchange
  • Aarathi: Now Lord with right side Sri Devi and left side Bhu Devi occupying the place at Maha simhasanam. Then Kapoora, Nakshatra and Maha Aarti were the grand endings of this wedding.

Kalyanotsavam Seva

Kalyanotsavam Seva Timings:

This seva starts every day at 10:00 AM and ends at 01:30 PM. After that seva, all couples are allowed for the darshan. Singles are not allowed for this seva.

Kalyanotsavam Seva Ticket Cost:

The ticket cost for the Kalyanotsavam is nearly Rs 1000 and only 2 persons can allow per one ticket

Prsadam for Kalyanotsavam:

2 Small Laddus, Vastra Bahumanam along with big Laddu

How To Book Kalyanotsavam Seva: TTD Online Booking Registration Process

You have to book the tickets in advance before 3 to 4 months. If you have the valid recommendation then you can easily get the tickets even before days or hours. In this daily seva 500 couples can takes place.

For this seva tickets obtained at ttdsevaonline also the current booking at the CRO office. The children below 12 years can also allow without any ticket for this Seva. Free Laddus will give at the time of tickets issuing.

Dress Code For Kalyanotsavam Seva:

In Tirumala temple dress code is strictly followed:

  • While participating in Kalyanotsavam seva men has to remove their shirts and wear dothi

Women have to wear Punjabi dress along with Dupatta or sare.

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